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Why Use Machine Tool Probes for CNC Machining?

Machine tool probe is an industrial measurement equipment that is installed on a CNC machine tool, which can measure the size and position of the workpiece directly during the machining cycle without human intervention, so as to improve the machining accuracy, efficiency and reduce the machining cost.

Since its introduction, the machine tool probe has been highly sought after by customers for its "simple, efficient and reliable" features. What are the benefits of using a machine tool probe in CNC machining?

1. Machine tool probe can improve machining accuracy

By using a machine tool probe, the size and position measurement can be quickly achieved, avoiding repeated clamping and repeated positioning during the machining process, and eliminating the scattered changes in machining precision.

2. Machine tool probe can shorten machining time

Compared with manual alignment and offline inspection methods, using a machine tool probe can save several times the time and significantly shorten the machining time.

Using a tool setting probe reduces auxiliary time and scrap, increases machining time, and improves accuracy. The manual methods of tool alignment, workpiece alignment, and offline inspection are time-consuming processes and are prone to operating errors. Using a probe eliminates the need for external alignment instrument, expensive fixtures, and avoids using micrometer for manual workpiece alignment.

Using a machine tool probe can save 90% of auxiliary time and cut more parts. It reduces the time for tool alignment and workpiece alignment and reduces auxiliary time. The probe measurement software automatically updates the tool and workpiece coordinate system offset, which is faster and error-free, reducing scrap caused by errors in tool alignment and workpiece alignment.

3. Machine tool probe can reduce product scrap rate

Manual alignment and offline measurement depend on the operator's skills, inevitably bringing errors. Using a machine tool probe does not require human intervention and can significantly reduce the scrap rate during production.

4. Machine tool probe can alleviate labor shortage issues

The machine tool probe improves the efficiency of CNC machine tools and maximizes the shortening of the production cycle, alleviating the problem of labor shortage, and workers needing overtime to complete production. Overall, machine tool probes such as stylus probe have great potential to address labor shortage issues and improve productivity in the manufacturing industry.

5. Machine tool probe can reduce enterprise costs

The machine tool probe can ensure the quality of CNC production, produce in large quantities, efficiently and quickly, effectively control the scrap rate during CNC machining, and reduce enterprise costs effectively. This has a significant meaning for enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness.

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