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Application of Cutting Tools and Touch Probes for CNC Machines

The machine tool probe can help with part installation, simplify the part holder, lower costs, significantly reduce the use of auxiliary machines, and improve production efficiency. It has the potential to improve the performance and accuracy of CNC machine tools. The machine tool probe is compatible with CNC lathes, machining centers, CNC rectifiers, and most CNC machine tools.

Ⅰ. Installation and classification of touch probes for CNC machines

Touch probes for CNC machines can be installed on CNC lathes, machining centres, CNC rectifiers and most CNC machine tools.

Machine tool probes are classified according to their functions. They can be divided into workpiece detection and tool probes; according to signal transmission methods, they can be classified into four methods: hard-wired connection, induction, and optical and radio. The user can choose the appropriate configuration according to the specific model of the machine.

Ⅱ. Machining process and application of touch probes for CNC machines

In the CNC machining process, one-third of the time is spent calibrating parts and measuring tool dimensions. In the traditional process of clamping components, the operator uses the dial indicator and the mandrel to determine the position of the reference point and then manually input the relevant data into the numerical control system to determine the coordinate system of the part.

With the help of the workpiece touch probe system, the position of the workpiece can be quickly and accurately measured on the machine tool, and the measurement result can be directly transmitted to the numerical control system for correction of the workpiece coordinate system. Suppose the machine tool is equipped with a CNC turntable. In that case, it can also automatically position the workpiece reference surface through the punch and automatically perform tasks such as adjusting the reference surface and adjusting the workpiece coordinate system.

During the machining process, volume interpolation is carried out, and the dimensional accuracy is used to detect the measured part's automatic measuring touch probes for CNC machines. The automated tool is corrected according to the measurement result, and the tool wear is compensated to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. Accuracy, this measuring method of moving inside the machine tool can also avoid the error of the workpiece passing the measuring flange. Improve the machining accuracy and maintenance accuracy of the machine tool, and extend the tool's service life.

The trial cutting method is the most commonly used method for measuring tools on touch probes for CNC machines. There are typically two methods for measuring tools on machining centers and CNC milling machines. The methods mentioned above that require human intervention are invalid and may result in human errors. The device's size can be quickly and accurately measured inside the machine tool and automatically transferred to the CNC system to be converted into tool deviation. The whole process is automatically completed by the measurement software control, avoiding human error.

In addition, in the automatic batch processing process, the tool breakage and breakage can also be determined based on the size difference between the measured values of two adjacent tools. The program instructs to replace the same tool for subsequent processing.

In industrially developed countries,touch probes for CNC machines, as the basic parts of CNC machine tools, are as important as cutting tools and are increasingly used in machine manufacturing.

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