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The Development of Machine Tool Probe Industry

With the continuous advancement of modern manufacturing and technology, the advanced technology and advantages of machine tool probes have been continuously highlighted, and the application of machine tool probes is also being widely popularized.

1. The development of machine tool probes in various regions

In developed countries, machine tool probes have developed into an indispensable machine tool accessory in the high-efficiency, high-precision, and high-yield manufacturing process of CNC machine tools.

In underdeveloped regions, the development of the machine tool probe industry has been very slow. Many manufacturing companies have not used or rarely used machine tool probes. In the field of precision machining of CNC machine tools, the use rate is also very low.

2. Application of machine tool probes

The machine tool probe is a kind of machine tool measuring equipment that can be applied to most CNC machine tools. It can realize the CNC machine tool to automatically, accurately and efficiently measure the machining accuracy of the machine tool (including the size and position of the machine tool), the position of the machined parts of the machine tool and various geometric parameters (such as width, height, depth, curved surface, aperture, internal and external diameter and other parameters), and realize the on-line detection and compensation of the machining accuracy of the CNC machine tool. The application of machine tool probes will effectively improve the machining efficiency and accuracy of CNC machine tools, and reduce the machining and production cost of CNC machine tools.

The machine tool probe is a measuring device for machine tools, which can be applied to CNC machining centers, CNC grinders, engraving and milling machines and most other CNC machine tools. It can realize online measurement of machined parts and tools, and automatically compensate for measurement accuracy, improving the processing efficiency and accuracy.

The application of machine tool probes is of positive significance for companies to reduce production costs and realize a high-speed, efficient, and high-yield machining production mode. Therefore, the application of machine tool probes also meets the needs of the development direction of modern manufacturing enterprises. We believe that more and more manufacturing companies will use machine tool probes in the future.

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