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Radio Probe System

The radio communication probe system is suitable for various complex working conditions in the processing of CNC machine tools, mainly suitable for large-scale machine tools, multi-axis machine tools and other CNC equipment, to avoid the influence of signal transmission strength by distance and obstructions. Pioneer's CNC machine radio/spindle/workpiece probe system mostly used for processing complex parts , such as deep cavity parts, cylinders, boxes, etc., and provide reliable measurement solutions for flexible production lines, intelligent processing and other industries. The radio/spindle/workpiece probe system is divided into WTS-20 probe series, RPS-20 probe and RPS-L11 probe according to different machine tools.  Hence, the spindle probe has wide applications. WTS-20 and RPS-20 are mainly used in large and medium-sized machining centers. RPS-L11 is mainly used in equipment such as lathes and turning centers.

Radio/Spindle Probe System List

  • RPS-20M Radio Probe System

    RPS-20M radio probe system used in various specifications of machine center, large-scale gantry machine, five-axis CNC machine tools and so on. RPS-20M radio probe system contains RP610 M touch probe, RSI-20M receiver and standard measuring software.
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  • RPS-L11M Radio Probe System

    RPS-L11M radio probe system contains TP200 touch probe, RPDM transceiver, RSI-20M receiver and standard measuring software.
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Advantages of Radio/Workpiece Probe System

  • 1
    The radio probe has a long transmission distance and can be applied to large-scale machine tools and other equipment.
  • 2
    The radio probe uses low power consumption technology to extend the battery life of the probe and reduce the frequency of battery replacement.
  • 3
    The radio probe adopts special coding transmission technology to ensure stable transmission signal and prevent interference from other radio signals
  • 4
    The radio probe has a high degree of protection and can adapt to the harsh processing environment of the machine tool.
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