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Installation Advantages of Machine Tool Probes

1. The machine tool probe can improve the efficiency and accuracy of measurement

The traditional measuring method is to disassemble the product after finishing processing, move it to the measuring room, and measure it with a coordinate measuring machine. This includes one disassembly, one clamping, and one transportation work. The machine tool probe saves these procedures and only needs to change the tool to the touch probe just like changing the tool.

In terms of accuracy, the basis of measurement is the alignment of parts, which means that the measurement datum must be consistent with the design datum. Such measurement is meaningful. In the traditional measurement process, the datum has changed due to the parts being disassembled and then re-clamped, and the coordinate system is generally adjusted before the measurement. If the machine tool probe is used, there is no disassembly, measurement and processing of parts, which are carried out in the same coordinate system and improve the accuracy of measurement.

2. The machine tool probe can improve the efficiency of processing

Machine tool probes can improve the efficiency of the entire process. For some objects with low precision requirements and simple surface shapes, they can be directly inspected after finishing. But for complex curved parts, such as blades, blisks, etc., they often need to be processed, measured, then reprocessed and measured for unqualified areas. These large number of repeated machining and inspection operations can be easily completed by the machine tool probe.

3. The machine tool probe can be used to detect the geometric error of the machine tool

The traditional geometric error recognition method is to use laser interferometer and ballbar. This method is relatively mature and is also used by most machine tool manufacturers. Now with the machine tool probe, there is an alternative method.

A measuring block is directly processed on the machine tool. After processing, the machining block is directly measured with the machine tool probe, and various geometric errors can be identified by establishing a kinematic model.

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