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What are the Advantages of CNC Machining Touch Probe?

The machine tool probe is an innovative measuring device configured on the technology of CNC machine tools. The main function of the machine tool probe is to automatically recognize the accuracy of the machine tool, compensate for the precision machine tool, replace the manual point, edge, measurement, automatic correction system, automatic tool repair, and directly measure the large and complex parts of the machine tool. This will improve the processing capacity and accuracy of existing machine tools, greatly improve the manufacturing quality of existing production equipment, reduce manufacturing costs, and save time and labor costs.

1. Machine tool probes are easier to use

In fact, machine tool detection touch probes are divided into workpiece detection touch probes and tool detection touch probes. They are generally installed on the CNC machine tool of the machining center. Because it can automatically carry out measurement and calibration records, the production correction is basically completed online in the production process without secondary rework and repair. It can improve the processing quality and efficiency and reduce the cost. This is why many customers say that machine tool probes are easy to use.

It is known that the touch probe is divided into the workpiece detection touch probe and the tool detection touch probe, so the choice of the probe depends first on the choice of the measuring workpiece or the measuring tool. According to the complexity of the processing, three-dimensional touch probe is used as complex workpiece, and two-dimensional touch probe is used in simple processing.

2. The choice of touch probe is very important

As the touch probe is an important part of the machine tool probe system, the selection of it has three standards: stiffness, accuracy and processing environment. When the workpiece hardness is high, the touch probe with good rigidity should be selected, such as stainless steel touch probe or tungsten carbide touch probe. On the contrary, when the workpiece hardness is low, the rigidity requirement of the touch probe will be reduced. And when the machining accuracy of the workpiece is high, the measurement accuracy of the touch probe should be improved.

Generally speaking, the shorter the measuring rod and the larger the diameter of the measuring ball or the fewer touch probe parts, the higher the measurement accuracy of the machine tool probe. In addition, if the vibration is large during processing, the touch probe with strong vibration resistance must be selected, such as carbon fiber touch probe.

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