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Analysis of Reasons Influencing Factory to Purchase Machine tool Probe

China has become a major manufacturing country due to the widespread use of CNC machine tools in Chinese factories. The machine tool probes are machine tool accessories that can revolutionize the traditional manufacturing method of CNC machine tools, and it is gaining popularity and application in China. This is a good time for machine tool probes growth, but as with high-level CNC machine tools, many manufacturers are more likely to buy more expensive foreign machine tool probes.

As a result, an unusual phenomenon has emerged in the machine tool probes market: Even if there are significant differences in characteristics and performance, manufacturers are more willing to spend more money on machine touch probes of foreign brand machine tools but are hesitant to spend money on machine touch probes of Chinese brand machine tools. Learn more about the product or try to purchase it.

Ⅰ. Technological factors affecting the gap in the touch probe 

As the primary productivity, technical quality is always the first factor directly affecting the manufacturer's purchasing choice. Manufacturing is a pragmatic industry, and CNC machine tool manufacturers pay more attention to product quality and efficiency indicators.

Ⅱ. The influence of factors at the service level on touch probe gap

For manufacturers, as long as the CNC machine tools can meet the production requirements of the corresponding customers, then all problems are not a problem. The related factor is service, a full range of supporting services.

If a suitable machine tool probes product does not perform well in supporting services, no matter how good the quality of the machine tool probes product is, the manufacturer will not keep it.

Ⅲ. The influence of the traditional concept on the touch probe

Machine tool punch is a new type of machine tool measuring device, and its application will change the traditional processing and production methods of CNC machine tools. However, most Chinese manufacturers currently use traditional CNC machine tool production methods. That is, in the CNC machine tool processing process, measurement and processing are carried out separately.

Machine tool and CNC transformation, integration, and mass production automation will replace traditional manual automation technology with CNC machine tools. After an extended period, manufacturers will completely transform traditional production methods and machine tools. This is evident because foreign manufacturers' penetration rate of machine tool sensors has nearly reached 100%, while Chinese manufacturers' penetration rate of machine tool sensors is less than 10%.

Ⅳ. The influence of the touch probe's brand

Each brand has a specific brand effect, which brings considerable benefits to the product itself, and the same is true for the machine tool probes industry.

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