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Characteristics and Application of Pioneer EP40 Conductive Probe

As the first manufacturer in the field of CNC machine tool probes in China, Pioneer has always insisted on independent research and development, and strives to reach the world's advanced level. In recent years, we have developed two new probe systems. They are the radio probe system and the optical probe system. The main technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.

Pioneer produces manual probes in two different styles. Among them, the conductive probe has the TP40 manual probe, so what are their characteristics and applications?

Manual probe EP40 conductive probe includes a conductive probe unit and a cylindrical shank with a diameter of 20mm. It senses the contact with the metal workpiece through its conductivity. When the stylus touches the surface, the LED indicator lights up. It is used to inspect various conductive solid materials.

Ⅰ. Technical features of manual probe EP40 conductive probe

1. With wireless design, it dosn't hinder the movement of the machine tool and is easy to install;

2. Three LED indicators are used to display the trigger status of the probe;

3. The manual probe EP40 has a straight handle and is smaller in size.

Ⅱ. Application of manual probe EP40 conductive probe

1. EP40 is used to measure solid workpieces with electrical conductivity; such as aluminum workpieces and stainless steel workpieces;

2. Directly measure the steps, grooves, external features and contours of the reference surface or edge of the workpiece;

3. The EP40 straight shank of the manual probe can be used in conjunction with different types of taper shanks on different types of machine tools.

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