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Application Advantages of Machine Tool Probes in Various Industries

Machine tool probe is mainly used in the production process of CNC machining centers, which can automatically locate, divide, edge search, measure and confirm accuracy of workpieces. It provides convenient and efficient processing benchmarks, timely and economical first-production sample confirmation, changes traditional processing methods, improves production efficiency and quality, reduces manufacturing costs, and minimizes defective and waste products. The probe is a standard component for precision machining, deep processing, automation, and high-speed large-scale operations.

I. Products of machine tool probes

There are various related products, including stylus probe, digitizing probe. They are simple and easy to use, reduce auxiliary time, and significantly improve work efficiency. The automated detection has a precision accuracy within micrometers, and can improve accuracy of machine tool processing while reducing manual intervention. It can effectively eliminate waste and increase production capacity.

II. Product functions of machine tool probes

1. Automatic division and searching of workpieces, automatic updating of part processing coordinate systems;

2. Elimination of dispersed changes in processing accuracy;

3. Adjustment of machine tools for first-piece products, saving time and improving accuracy;

4. Tool breakage detection, identification of tool breakage by detecting the size of parts;

5. Tool wear detection, identification of tool wear by detecting workpiece size;

6. Automatic compensation of part accuracy;

7. Measurement functions for depth, width, inner diameter, outer diameter, etc;

8. Automatic display function for machine tool gap during return;

III. Industry applications of machine tool probes

Machine tool probes, particularly touch probes, are essential tools in the manufacturing industry, with a broad range of applications.

1. Automobile die casting

The outer dimensions of die-cast parts are not uniform, and traditional processing technology for on-machine processing is complicated, with difficulty in reaching the required accuracy. Machine tool probes can coordinate from any point to automatically correct coordinate systems, with the machine tool processing system cutting according to the new coordinate position to ensure accurate and high-precision machining.

2. Mold frames, metal parts

Whether it is preparing for mold racks or large-scale steel cutting, machine tool probes can play a highly efficient and productive role in on-machine inspection. Once the workpiece is in place, it can be processed quickly, accurately, and with high precision.

3. Cell phones

For cell phone shells, side frames, and backs in pre-CNC machining sequences, machine tool probes can quickly clamp, align, adjust, make samples, and provide quick and convenient solutions, reducing the time and cost for troubleshooting. In the CNC sequence, machine tool probes can automatically divide and locate, search for edges, and measure, reducing defective products and increasing the production capacity of qualified products.

4. Aluminum and copper parts

Medical equipment, communication equipment, standard machine parts, TV side frames, and copper parts can all use machine tool probes to quickly and automatically position themselves, automatically divide in a batch, and use measurement software to automatically compensate for precision errors to ensure that precision machining products are 100% qualified.

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