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Advantages and Classification of ​CNC Machine Tool Probe

Ⅰ. The classification of CNC machine tool probe

1. The CNC machine tool probe can be divided into workpiece probe and tool probe by their function.

2. The CNC machine tool probe can be classified as hard-wired connecting, induction type, optical profile type, and radio type. The choices for the specific transmission mode depend on the application scenarios.

The CNC machine tool probes can be installed in most CNC machines such as CNC machines, digit-controlled grinders, and machining centers. In the machining cycle, the probes measure the size and location of the workpiece and tool and correct the offset automatically according to the measurement which could produce more accurate parts than the same machine.

Ⅱ. Why is the touch probe necessary for the CNC machine?

Time is money. So spending time on the production is better than manually positioning and testing the workpiece. The touch probe system saves the time and cost of the workpiece, which is caused by manually positioning and testing the workpiece.

The purchase of CNC machine tools means a large capital investment. Although the machine tool can cut metal quickly and produce intricate workpieces, its value can only be reflected when cutting parts. Some machine tools have unprofitable auxiliary time, and most machine tools will be idle for several hours or in intermittent processing for a long time. However, many companies still manually set tools, align the workpiece and detect off-line. And the operations would make expensive equipment vacant.

Using the touch probe would reduce the assisting time and waste, increase the production time and improve the accuracy. Manually setting tools, aligning workpieces and off-line detection is time-consuming and easy to cause operational errors.

Using the probe can quickly complete the on-machine inspection of the workpiece, and automatically set the offset compensation value.

Using the probe can save 90% of the auxiliary time and cut more parts. In addition, the use of the probe can reduce the time for tool setting, search for workpieces, and assistance.

The measuring software of the touch probe automatically updates the coordinate biasing of tools and workpiece which is faster and more error-free and reduces the waste caused by errors of setting tools and aligning workpiece.

The touch probe installed in the main axle could precisely find the position and detect whether the workpiece is installed correctly or not.

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