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How to Select Machine Tool Probe

1. Choose the machine tool probe according to your needs

Enterprises can choose probes flexibly according to processing needs. For example, if the workpiece needs to be measured and calibrated during processing, you can choose workpiece detection probes; for tool detection, you can choose tool detection probes. In addition, the machine tool probe can also be selected according to the complexity of the processing. For example, when processing complex workpieces, choose 3D machine tool probes, and when processing simple workpieces, choose 2D machine tool probes.

2. Choose the appropriate machine tool probe according to the stylus

As an important component of the machine tool probe measuring system, the styli will directly affect the measurement results of the machine tool probe. So companies can use the stylus as a reference when selecting probes.

Generally speaking, the selection of stylus adheres to three principles, namely rigidity, precision and processing environment. When the hardness of the workpiece is high, it is necessary to choose a stylus with good rigidity, such as a stainless steel stylus or a tungsten carbide stylus. On the contrary, the rigidity requirement of the stylus can be reduced; when the workpiece processing accuracy is high, the measurement accuracy of the stylus should also be high. Generally speaking, the shorter the stylus, the larger the diameter of the stylus ball, or the smaller the number of stylus components, the higher the measurement accuracy of the machine tool probe. In addition, if the vibration is large during processing, the better anti-vibration performance should Strong styli, such as carbon fiber styli. The machine tool probe is an important auxiliary device in the machining of the machine tool, and the installation of the machine tool probe on the CNC machine tool can improve the accuracy and efficiency of the machining at a relatively low cost. For those companies that want to improve the processing performance of machine tools, trying to install machine tool probes is a simple and convenient method.

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