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The Technical Characteristics and Application of Pioneer TP60 Touch Trigger Probe

For the past two decades, Pioneer has focused on the operation of CNC machine tool probes. We have developed three series of probes, tool setters and various probe needles. Through unremitting efforts, Pioneer has unique competitiveness in technology and products, making Pioneer a well-known brand in the field of CNC machine tool probes at home and abroad. Our customers are all over the world.

Among them, our manual probe products have a touch trigger probe. Regarding touch trigger probes, we have TP60 and TP40 manual probes.

Now let's find out the characteristics and application of the TP60 trigger probe.

The manual probe P60 trigger probe includes a touch trigger probe unit and a tapered shank. The TP60 probe is a touch trigger probe that can be used to measure various solid material workpieces. TP60 trigger probe is suitable for machining centers of various specifications, CNC boring and milling machines, drilling and tapping machining centers, etc.

Ⅰ. Technical characteristics of manual probe TP60 trigger probe

1. Taper handles of different specifications can be configured;

2. The coaxiality of the touch probe and the tool holder is adjustable (factory precision: ≤5μm);

3. Six LED indicators are used to display the trigger status of the probe.

Ⅱ. Application of manual probe TP60 trigger probe

1. TP60 probes can be used for various milling machines, machining centers, boring machines, etc.

2. TP60 can be used for non-conductive workpieces ( resins, ceramics, etc. ) and non-conductive machine tools ( ceramic bearings, etc. ).

3. Manual probe TP60 is suitable for workpiece alignment and simple detection operation.

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