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What Should Be Considered when Selecting Probe?

I. Thoughts on probe selection is given

1. When the touch probe can be used, the non-touch probe should be carefully selected.

2. In the case of measuring only the size and position elements, it is better to choose a touch-trigger probe.

3. Considering the cost and to meet the requirements of the case, it is better to choose a touch-trigger probe.

4. When the shape and contour accuracy requirements are high, choose the scanning probe.

5. Scanning measurement: it should be able to measure discrete points.

6. The interchangeability of the scanning probe and trigger probe should be considered (usually realized by an ordinary seat).

7. The parts are easy to deform and the accuracy is not high, so a large number of measurement data are needed, so the non-contact probe can be considered.

8. The configuration of software and additional hardware (such as probe controller and cable) should be considered.

Ⅱ. Where the touch-trigger probe can be used

When the part is focused on the size (such as small taps) or position, spacing, do not emphasize its shape deviation, such as positioning pinholes. Or if you are sure that the processing equipment you are using is capable of processing good enough parts, and the main concern is the accuracy of size and position, contact trigger measurement is appropriate, especially for discrete point measurement.

Pioneer CNC Touch trigger probes can measure size, spacing, or position faster than scanning probes, and trigger probes have a smaller volume.

Generally speaking, the use and maintenance cost of touch-trigger probes is relatively low. In the machinery industry, there are a large number of geometric measurements, and their only concern is the size and position of the parts. Therefore, most measuring machines on the market, especially medium-precision measuring machines, still use touch-trigger probes.

Ⅲ. Where the scanning probe can be selected

It is suitable for the measurement of required parts and contour shapes: the main advantage of scanning probes is the fast data speed. These data can not only be used to determine the size and position of the part but more importantly, the shape and outline of the part can be described with multiple points. This special fit and shape, contour has strict requirements on the parts, and the shape of the parts directly affects the performance of the parts (such as blades, elliptical pistons, etc.). It is also applicable when you are not sure whether the processing equipment you are using can produce good-shaped parts. However, the shape deviation is a big problem.

High-precision measurement: Since the scanning probe stylus measures discrete points at a constant speed or constant force, the accuracy of the measurement points can be higher.

At the same time, the scanning probe stylus can directly determine the normal vector of the contact point. For occasions that require strict positioning and directional measurement, the scanning probe stylus also has advantages in discrete point measurement.

For digital scanning of unknown surfaces, the scanning probe stylus shows its unique advantages. Since the digital working mode requires a large number of points, the point picking mode of the touch-trigger probe appears too slow. As it is an unknown surface, the motion control method of the measuring machine is also different, that is, it works in the "exploration mode". The measuring machine calculates the next movement trajectory and the density of the collected points according to the movement trajectory.

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