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Application of Probe in Machine Tool Setting

CNC milling machine is currently one of the more widely used CNC machine tools in the machining industry manufacturing industry, which is particularly important for tooling links, the next together to understand the machine tool probe tooling process and measurement technology in the machine tooling application analysis.

Tool setting process of the machine tool probe

Tool setting mainly includes determining the workpiece parts coordinate system origin and determine the tool diameter and length of the function, the workpiece or part in the machine tool after clamping, how to determine its correct location, and the machine tool coordinate system to establish the correct link, by determining the relationship between the two positions, the relevant data will be transmitted to the relevant system, the workpiece coordinate system is the coordinate system used for programming, the origin position by the programmer to set the operation. It is the specific coordinates of the tool position point of the tool in the coordinate system.

At present, CNC machine tool processing commonly used tool setting tools have edge inspector, tool setting instrument and machine tool probe.

Among them, the tool inspector requires manual operation and human judgment, so there is a certain degree of uncertainty and error. Machine tool probes combined with online measurement systems for machine tools are written so that the tool setting program automatically determines the identification of the coordinate system, which can very well improve the safety and convenience of tool setting and accuracy.

The machine tool probe measurement technology in the application of tool setting

The essence of the automatic measuring tool with feedback function, can achieve in-machine measurement, generally with spherical ruby, zirconia and other hard materials as the probe material, in contact with the workpiece for feedback transmission to achieve the actual use of the measurement function, equipped with CNC system can achieve automatic search, back, calibration and other functions, in the complex contour parts, multi-station parts of the coordinate system for calibration correction, for tolerance Inspection, margin monitoring.

Through the tool setting probe, can effectively improve safety, reduce the test cutting method and edge inspector tooling caused by safety accidents such as accidental eye injury, chipping, etc., to reduce errors, other means of visual inspection may lead to the origin of the shift, resulting in inaccurate finishing position and thus lead to scrap, save manpower and time costs, significantly reduce the time of the preliminary auxiliary tooling.

On the other hand, the machine tool probe solves the problem of secondary loading and CNC tool setting and is more widely recognized and used in modern production of excellence. Automatic determination of the coaxial, significantly reduce the preparation time, improve machining accuracy, in the process of machining, real-time measurement, according to the macro program can analyze the measurement results automatically guide the subsequent production.

Tool setting as an important link between the program and CNC machining, requires in-depth application and learning of the machine tool probe to achieve safe, efficient and high-quality processing.

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