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The manual probe is suitable for various specifications of machine centers, CNC boring and milling machines, drilling-tapping machine centers, etc. Manual probe is an economy probe.It needs operator to move the probe, record and calculate the coordinate. As a professional manual probe manufacturer and supplier in China, Harbin Pioneer has different types of manual probes for sale. Our manual probe has two different style. One is trigger probe,another is electrical probe. About trigger probe, we have TP60 and TP40 manual probe. About electrical probe,we have EP40 and EP60 manual probe.

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Advantages of CNC Machine Manual Touch Probe System

  • 1
    1.There are multiple indicator lights on the probe, and some products also have a buzzer, which is convenient for the operator to observe and determine the trigger action of the probe
  • 2
    Manual product disassembly is convenient, which is conducive to daily use and maintenance.
  • 3
    The manual probe (TP40) uses a rechargeable lithium battery, which can be charged in time when the probe is not working, saving time.
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