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Why Do Companies Choose Machine Tool Probes?

CNC machine tool probes can be used in machining centers, milling machines, grinders, turn-milling machine tools, lathes, special machine tools and robots. It can be seen that the compatibility of the CNC machine tool probe is very strong, not only can it be applied to a specific machine tool, but also can be applied to most of the current production equipment.

1. Touch probes for CNC machines are widely used

The use of CNC machine tools can be said to be quite extensive now. Compared with conventional processing machine tools, the reason why they can be welcomed by everyone is mainly because of the outstanding advantages of compound processing in the process of use, which can be produced in the shortest time. Compared with conventional machine tools, CNC machine tool probes have more intelligent and automated functions than conventional machine tools, and also have many advantages that conventional machine tools do not have.

There is no doubt about the powerful functions of CNC machine tools, but at present, more and more large and small enterprises at home and abroad are equipped with CNC machine tool probes for CNC machine tools. It can be seen that although CNC machine tools are powerful, there are still many shortcomings. place, and the CNC machine tool probe can just make up for these deficiencies, which is the reason for becoming the right-hand man of CNC machine tools,

2. The powerful functions of touch probes for CNC machines

The CNC machine tool probe can well assist the daily production of workpieces, which can effectively reduce the processing cycle, reduce costs, and improve the performance and productivity of existing processing equipment.

Using the probe, the angular deviation of the workpiece can be measured very accurately and can be automatically compensated for this. Therefore, the time-consuming longitudinal parallel alignment of the workpiece can be completed quickly, and the alignment accuracy is improved at the same time. Moreover, by touching the edges, holes or cylinders of the workpiece, the deflection error of the workpiece can be accurately detected. Then, according to different machine tools, the coordinate system is rotated in the controller, or the machine turntable is rotated to adjust the angle, thereby greatly reducing the workpiece positioning time.

The CNC machine tool probe can reduce the positioning time, make the equipment operation more convenient and fast, improve the accuracy of workpiece processing and avoid scrap and rework during production and processing, and can improve work efficiency and reduce unnecessary expenses. The right-hand man of CNC machine tools is also the representative machine tool accessories of "smart manufacturing".

The machine tool probe, as the name suggests, is a CNC machine tool accessory that is responsible for measuring data in the production and processing of CNC machine tools. The CNC machine tool itself does not come with it, and it needs to be configured for the machine tool. Compared with conventional CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools with CNC machine tool probes are several times more powerful than conventional ones, because the measurement function of the measurement touch probe is very powerful, and general data or CNC machine tools can also complete the measurement, but in the face of some complex and If it is difficult to measure, a machine tool probe is needed to complete it. This is why in recent years, CNC machine tool probes have been favored by the majority of manufacturers.

Our pioneer probe is first class and our company always adheres to independent research and development and strives to reach the world's advanced level. In recent years, we have developed two new probe systems: radio detection system and optical detection system, the main technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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