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Experience with Probes

Ⅰ. The length of the probe

When there is a compensation path, the length of the probe must be fixed on the length of the reference probe, the length of the probe must not be fictitious, and must be the actual length of the probe. Since the probe cannot be adjusted on the cutting device, it is sufficient to calculate the known length of the tool using the same datum.

1. In the tool adjustment, the "distance between the tool reference and the tool origin" and the "tool length conversion outside the machine tool" parameters are reset to zero;

2. Use the measuring head on the surface of the workpiece and pay attention to the Z1 coordinate of the machine;

3. Replace the tool and record the Z2 coordinate of the machine tool with the machining tool at the same position on the surface of the part;

4. The tool must be connected to the current tool length, and the tool length must be specified in the tool settings;

5. Probe length=Z3-(Z2-Z1).

In general, the probe is longer than the machine tool, so the absolute value of the length calculated by the probe is smaller than the absolute value of the machine tool length.

Ⅱ. Common abnormal alarms during the use of the probe

1. b08-c: 12-bit input signal pause. This can be caused by incorrect probe signal settings, blocked receivers, obstructions during movement, or insufficient power. When the probe is powered off. The probe beacon flashes orange and yellow, and the probe beacon flashes blue and green.

2. 310-0: No signal detected during contact. The position of the measuring point must be changed or the detection distance increased, the maximum detection distance currently authorized in the system 45 is 40 mm.

3. 313-100:: The contact retraction signal has not been eliminated. Indicates that the return distance is too short or the search speed is too fast, and the numerical relationship between the two must be as follows: return distance = search speed/2+0.05.

The first recommended speed is at least equal to 0 to 4 mm, the system defaults to 45 touch twice, according to the search speed for the first time to touch the workpiece at a certain distance after "return", then at the precise measurement rate, touch the second position The detection results of: The single-contact model can improve the detection efficiency, but the measurement accuracy is high, and in some cases, it can be specified that it is related to the measurement accuracy rather than the high quality.

4. 311-0: The probe signal is abnormal. The current state of the template must be checked for correctness.

5. The course type does not correspond to the tool type. When setting the device parameters, the tool used to detect the path must correspond to the tool position occupied by the touch probe.

6. The data has been updated and cannot be renewed. Check if the measurement point number or the digital save number is reused.

7. The data from the computing source is invalid and cannot be used.

8. Insufficient sources of calculation. Insufficient number of measurement points for calculating angles, centers, etc.

9. The size is too large. The measurement result exceeds the allowable error range; if the deviation value is not normal, the settings, characteristics, etc. of the measurement point must be carefully checked.

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