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How to Effectively Use Touch Probes to Assist Daily Production of Workpieces?

Machine tool probe is a CNC machine tool accessory that is responsible for measuring data during CNC machining production. It is not included in the CNC machine tool itself and needs to be separately configured for the machine tool.

Compared with conventional CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools equipped with machine tool probes are several times more powerful. This is because the measuring function of the probe is very powerful. While general data may be measured by CNC machine tools, in the face of complex and difficult-to-measure situations, machine tool probes are needed to complete the task. This is why, in recent years, machine tool probes have been widely loved by production enterprises.

1. The emergence of CNC machine tool probes makes up for deficiencies

The use of CNC machine tools is now quite extensive. The main reason why it has been widely welcomed is its outstanding advantages in composite processing during use, it can produce the most products in the shortest time, and the accuracy and quality of production are also guaranteed. Compared with conventional machine tools, CNC machine tools have the functions of intelligence and automation and many advantages that conventional machine tools do not have.

CNC machine tools are powerful, but currently, there are more and more cases of large, medium and small enterprises domestically and internationally configuring CNC machine tool probes for CNC machine tools separately. This indicates that although CNC machine tools are powerful, there are still many deficiencies, and machine tool probes can just make up for these deficiencies. This may be the reason why it has become a powerful assistant to CNC machine tools.

2. The powerful functions of CNC machine tool probes

The CNC machine tool probe can be applied to machining centers, milling machines, grinders, lathe-milling composite machine tools, lathes, special machine tools, robots, and other equipment. It can be seen that the compatibility of CNC machine tool probes is very strong. They can be applied not only to specific machine tools but also to most current production equipment.

CNC machine tool probes can assist in the production of workpieces in daily machining and effectively reduce the machining cycle, reduce costs, and improve the performance and productivity of existing machining equipment.

By using touch probes, the angle deviation of the workpiece can be accurately measured, and automatic compensation can be carried out accordingly. Therefore, the time-consuming process of longitudinally aligning the workpiece can be completed quickly, and the alignment accuracy is also improved.

Moreover, by touching the edges, hole positions, or cylinders of the workpiece, the deviation error of the workpiece can be accurately detected by lathe probe. Then, according to different machine tool equipment, the coordinate system can be rotated in the controller, or the machine can be rotated to adjust the angle, thereby greatly reducing the workpiece positioning time.

CNC machine tool probes can reduce positioning time in production and make equipment operation more convenient and efficient, improve the accuracy of workpiece processing, avoid scrap and rework, and increase efficiency, reducing unnecessary costs. It can be said that they are not only a powerful assistant to CNC machine tools, but also a representative CNC machine tool accessory of "intelligent manufacturing".

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