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What Are the Common Causes for Inaccurate Measurement of Machine Tool Probes?

It is known to manufacturing enterprises that after using the machine tool probe for a long time, the decline or inaccuracy of the measured value will affect its production and even its competitiveness in the market. Therefore, manufacturing enterprises need to solve this problem quickly. We will discuss how to solve this problem below.

In order to solve this problem, when using machine tool probes, we must understand the causes of inaccurate measurement.

Ⅰ. Common causes of inaccurate measurement of machine tool probe

1. There are debris on the measuring needle of the machine tool;

2. The machine tool probes are installed incorrectly or the measuring needle is installed incorrectly;

3. The calibration of the machine tool probe expires or the calibration speed is different from the measurement speed;

4. The calibration characteristic deviation or offset of the probe of the machine tool is incorrect;

5. Measure when the probe of the probe leaves the workpiece surface;

6. The measuring speed of the machine tool probe is too fast or too slow;

7. Machine tool probe failure.

Ⅱ. The most common causes for inaccurate measurement of machine tool probe

1. Poor repeatability of CNC machine tools;

2. The CNC machine tool will produce obvious vibration when measured by machine tool probes;

3. When measuring with the probe, the position deviation of CNC machine tool is caused by movement;

4. The tool setting cnc machine has faults that affect the measurement results, such as the receiver of CNC machine tools.

After knowing the reasons for the decline or inaccuracy of the measurement accuracy of the machine tool probe after long-term use, it seems quite simple to solve them:

When the inaccurate measurement of the machine tool probe is caused by the probe of the machine tool itself, the operator only needs to remove the debris on the probe tip of the machine tool;

Control and properly connect the machine tool optical transmission probe to make it more integrated with the CNC machine tool;

Check the measurement software of the machine tool probe, change its calibration position, check whether the calibration speed of the machine tool probe is equal to the measurement speed, and ensure that the contact detection of the machine tool probe does not leave the workpiece surface before measurement;

Simply use the measuring software of machine tool probe. Repeatable workpiece accuracy measurement test shall be conducted at different speeds to determine a reasonable measurement speed of machine tool probe, which shall not be too fast or too slow.

If none of the above methods can be solved, the fault problem is considered to be detectable. The corresponding problem can be solved by replacing the new machine tool detector and following the method of installing and using the new machine tool tester.

When the inaccurate measurement of the probe of the machine tool is the reason of the CNC machine tool itself, the mechanic only needs to solve the problem of poor tool switching of the CNC machine tool to make it more reasonable and accurate. You can even directly ask the machinist to recalibrate the probe of the CNC machine tool every time you change the tool;

At the same time, ensure the robustness of the CNC machine tool, so that it will not be affected by vibration, movement and so on in the process of processing, production or measurement;

Evaluate and solve the corresponding CNC machine tool faults, so that the CNC machine tool faults do not affect the measurement results of the machine tool probe.

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