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What Are the Advantages of Machine Tool Probes?

The machine tool probe can bring us a great degree of convenience during use, but there are advantages and disadvantages. The probe is very delicate. If it is accidentally damaged during use, it will cost a lot of money. Therefore, many people who use probes have lingering fears about probe collisions. For this situation, we also have our own solutions, the probe has anti-collision function, in addition, there are some other highlights.

Ⅰ. The highlights of the machine tool probe

1. Anti-collision of the probe

Anti-collision of workpiece probe: During measurement, the probe may be damaged due to misoperation or wrong programming. An anti-collision module is added between the probe and the tool holder. When the probe collides, the system will automatically stop the current measurement, and an alarm prompt appears, after recalibrating the probe, you can continue to use it.

2. Insulation of the probe

After the spindle is processed for a long time, the spindle will generate thermal elongation. At this time, measuring the workpiece directly with the probe will increase the error. The anti-collision unit of the probe has the function of heat insulation, which will reduce the accumulation of the thermal elongation error of the spindle to the probe measurement in the process.

3. Intelligent power management of the probe

Wide voltage supply range and intelligent standby.

4. Workpiece cleaning function of the probe

The probe is equipped with a spindle air blowing interface. For machine tools with internal spindle cooling, the surface of the workpiece can be cleaned with gas or coolant before the machine tool probe is measured to avoid interruptions in the middle.

5. Mixed signal transmission technology of probe

The probe supports both infrared and radio transmission, and users can switch freely according to the use environment.

Ⅱ. What can the probe be used for?

The application of the machine tool probe will break the existing machine tool processing production mode: it enables the CNC machine tool to realize the integration and efficiency of automatic online real-time measurement and measurement processing, and at the same time, its measurement precision has also been greatly improved, and will accelerate the CNC machine tool. Realize the process of automation, digitization, networking and intelligent production.

The application of machine tool probe will also be more in line with the production and development needs of CNC machine tool processing, so it will be widely used in mobile phone electronics, hardware molds, automobile manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing and other fields in the future.

As the first manufacturer of CNC machine tool probes in China, Pioneer always adheres to independent research and development, and strives to reach the world's advanced level. In recent years, we have developed two new probe systems. They are a radio detection system and an optical detection system, and the main technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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