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The Advantages of the Probe in the Application of CNC Machine Tool Probes

It can be said that the application of the machine tool probe will allow the CNC machine tool to maintain the processing speed and processing accuracy in the process of mass production and processing. processing efficiency. This is of great significance for manufacturing enterprises to shorten the production cycle.

Ⅰ. Extensive advantages of machine tool probes

In the field of machine tool processing and production, reliability has become a standard for measuring whether a machine tool processing and production is efficient and precise, and it is also one of the important criteria for enterprises to choose CNC machine tools in effectively controlling production costs. The machine tool probing can improve the measurement reliability of the machine tool, and it also shows that the machine tool probe has a huge influence on the reliability of the machine tool production. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the machine tool probe will be widely used in the intelligent manufacturing and production of machine tools in the future.

Ⅱ. The advantages of using the machine tool probe

1. The touch probe can improve the standardized production of CNC machine tools

In order to save enterprise costs and facilitate management, manufacturing enterprises have higher and higher requirements for standardized production of CNC machine tools. The application of the touch probe also satisfies this requirement of manufacturing enterprises to a large extent.

When the digitizing touch probe is applied to CNC machine tools, it will promote the production of CNC machine tools to become more standardized, not only allowing CNC machine tools to easily standardize production modes and steps, establishing corresponding production files, and meeting the standardization requirements of product quality systems in production , making the production of CNC machine tools simpler, easier to standardize and manage.

2. The touch probe can improve the digital network of CNC machine tools

Digitization and networking have always been the development trend of manufacturing enterprises, and they are also one of the prerequisites for manufacturing enterprises to enter intelligent manufacturing production. At present, the probes in the industry all support the online measurement and data display and transmission of CNC machine tools, and these functions are the most direct manifestation of the digital network of CNC machine tools. Even under some advanced online measurement technologies, CNC machine tools can also realize remote operation and production, and all kinds of data and information of production products can be understood all the way on the remote display screen.

In short, the application of the touch probe is of positive significance for the development of CNC machine tools. Therefore, when the manufacturing industry has higher and higher requirements for CNC machine tools, the popularization and application of the probe on CNC machine tools will be unstoppable.

The touch probe is a machine tool accessory that can widely improve most CNC machine tools such as CNC machine tools, and make these CNC machine tools easy to achieve automatic integration, high-speed, high-precision, standardized, and digital networked production.

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