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The Characteristics and Functions of Touch Probe System for CNC Machines

Discovery is the best way to maximumly improve the capacity, quality, efficiency, and accuracy of the NC machine tool. Pioneer probes could reduce the setting time and strengthen your inspection of production. The pioneer company also has the solutions to solve the problems of tool length, diameter setting, measuring technique of tool breakage, which can save the cost and reduce the rejection rate. Let us see the introduction of the touch probe system of the workpiece and the measuring system of tools.

Ⅰ. The touch probe system of the workpiece

The touch probe system measures precisely by aligning the workpiece position and automatically modifying the coordinate system. It can align the clamp's position rapidly and reduce the manually adjusting time. It also helps to simplify the clamp's design so that the fees of clamps are reduced. The initial workpiece could be detected on the machine with no off-line, improving the working efficiency and size consistency in batch processing.

The touch probes for CNC machines can do the in-cycle measurement, monitor the size and position of the workpiece, and automatically correct the offsets, which shorten the assistant time and improve production efficiency. It is confident to say that unmanned operation is realizable. The fully automated processes prevent the operators from the damage caused by the machines.

Ⅱ. The measuring system of tools

It measures rapidly and modifies the length of tools as well as the offsets of diameter. The measuring system of tools measures and adjusts the turret head or all devices in the tool magazine rapidly and automatically, which avoids the errors caused by operators.

The measuring system of touch probes for CNC machines can guarantee the accurate size of the initial workpiece. It can detect the fracture to avoid producing waste, which shortens the machine's assistant time, improves production efficiency, and strengthens our confidence to realize the unmanned operation.

As the first manufacturer of touch probes for CNC machines in China, the Harbin Pioneer M&E insists on developing its technologies and being world-class. It is one of the drafting committees of national standards known as JB/T5215-2007 of the touching sensor, and it has more than ten product patents. In the past years, the Harbin Pioneer M&E company had been developed numerous pieces of equipment for testing the probes, the property, and technical data of the tool measure device. It provides a series of detection methods and accumulates rich manufacturing experience. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.

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