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Classification of Manual Probe and Working Principle of Touch Trigger Probe

1. Classification of manual probe

The manual probe is suitable for various specifications of machine center, CNC boring and milling machine, drilling and tapping processing center, etc. Manual probe is a kind of economical probe, which requires the operator to move the probe, record and calculate coordinates. Pioneer manual probe has two different styles. One is touch trigger probe and the other is conductive probe.

2. Working principle of touch trigger probe

There is a closed active circuit inside the probe, which is connected to a special trigger mechanism. As long as the trigger mechanism generates a trigger action, it will cause the circuit state to change and emit an acousto-optic signal to indicate the working state of the probe.

The only condition for the trigger mechanism to generate a trigger action is that the stylus of the touch trigger probe in the manual probe produces a slight swing or moves into the probe when the probe is connected to the spindle of the machine tool and moves with the spindle.

As long as the contact on the stylus is in contact with the surface of the workpiece (any solid material) in any direction, causing the stylus to produce a slight swing or movement, it will immediately cause the touch trigger probe in the manual probe to generate an acousto-optic signal to indicate touch trigger probes into working status.

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