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Application of CNC Machine Tool Probes

1. Measurement and processing of CNC machine tool probes

Take the CNC machine tool probes as examples. When it is installed on the CNC machine tool, the CNC machine tool can automatically establish an accurate workpiece coordinate system and automatically correct the coordinate system parameters through its measurement system function, and can accurately locate the workpiece to 0.001 mm. The position, length, width, depth, hole diameter, inner diameter, outer diameter, curved surface and other geometric parameters are automatically and accurately measured to ensure that the CNC machine tool can easily and automatically achieve center alignment and processing production, and improve the accuracy of workpiece processing.

At the same time, the CNC machine tool operator can compare the actual workpiece processing and production parameters through the three-dimensional map of the product generated by the CNC machine tool probes and the corresponding parameters, and make adjustments to improve the machining accuracy of the CNC machine tool probe; in addition, the machine tool probe is processed on the CNC machine tool. In the production process, it can also automatically compensate the accuracy of CNC machine tools to ensure a 100% pass rate of CNC machine tool processing costs. It also improves the reliability and stability of CNC machine tool production.

The touch probe can improve the precision production of CNC machine tools. At present, many manufacturing enterprises have realized the importance of measurement accuracy and machining accuracy to the machining quality of CNC machine tools. Therefore, many manufacturing industries have been constantly improving the measurement accuracy and machining accuracy of CNC machine tools.

They all know that only by improving the measurement accuracy and processing accuracy of CNC machine tools, enterprises can guarantee the processing quality of products during the processing and production process of CNC machine tools, thereby reducing or eliminating the occurrence of rework or scrapping of product processing parts, to avoid giving Enterprises cause secondary losses and increase production costs.

The application of the touch probe has significantly improved the precision measurement and machining accuracy of CNC machine tools. The measurement accuracy of the touch probe can reach 0.001 mm, and at the same time, the machining accuracy of the machine tool is automatically compensated during the machining of the CNC machine tool, so that the CNC machine tool can be produced more precisely.

2. Application of machine tool probes

The machine tool probes will be the most important machine tool accessories in the development path of CNC machining center automation, high efficiency, and precision machining and production. Its application will also improve the high-speed, high-efficiency and precision machining production of CNC machining centers, and improve manufacturing enterprises. Core competitiveness, reducing enterprise costs, and entering Industry 4.0 create the best infrastructure conditions.

It can monitor and measure the position, size and wear of machine tool tools at all times through its own measurement system, and feed it back to the CNC machine tool operation interface, so that CNC machine tool operators can always understand various parameter information of machine tool tools; at the same time, in CNC machine tools In the process of machine tool processing, if the machine tool probe finds that the machine tool tool is worn, it can also compensate for the tool or let the CNC machine tool change the tool by itself, so that the CNC machine tool can maintain efficient precision machining production at all times, and avoid the generation of CNC machine tool processing waste and inconvenience. The necessary processing cost increases.

The touch probe can improve the automation degree of CNC machine tools; in the manufacturing field, high-speed production is the guarantee of shortening the production cycle, improving production efficiency and output, and is the most direct manifestation of the company's core competitiveness. Therefore, the manufacturing industry has always had higher requirements for the high-speed production of CNC machine tools. The touch probe can easily improve the automation of CNC machine tools.

When it is applied to the CNC machine tool, the CNC machine tool can easily realize the integrated production of online measurement and processing, which greatly reduces the time-consuming processing procedures such as manual measurement, debugging, and clamping, and makes the CNC machine tool easy to simplify the operation steps. ,Increase productivity.

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