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The Application of Machine Tool Probe Can Help Mold Industry to Realize Intelligent Production

1. Application of machine tool probe can help mold industry to realize intelligent production

With the implementation of various plans, the mold industry has also accelerated the process of achieving intelligent production. In the mold industry to accelerate the process of intelligent production, the application of machine tool probes has played a positive role in boosting.

The key to intelligent production in the mold industry is to break through the standardization, automation, networking and intelligent production of molds. The probe application requires corresponding mold production equipment to achieve corresponding technical support. Taking the intelligent production of metal mold parts as an example, the corresponding CNC machine tools, engraving and milling machines and other corresponding CNC machine tools must be required to achieve the production requirements of automation, standardization, networking and intelligence. However, in the traditional production mode of CNC machine tools, these CNC machine tools were basically unable to meet the corresponding production requirements, until Pioneer CNC tool probe, an innovative machine tool accessory, came out.

2. Brief introduction of machine tool probe

In the machining process of metal mold parts, CNC machine tools such as CNC machine tools equipped with machine tool probes can automatically position the mold bases and mold blanks of metal mold parts in a one-step batch completion. The positioning accuracy can reach 0.001 mm. The machine tool probe can also realize the on-machine detection of the corresponding machining parts through the network technology, and provide the corresponding machine tool measurement error compensation to ensure that the corresponding data of the workpiece reaches the standardized production (that is, the precision basically reaches the theoretical value). After the CNC machine tool is produced, the machine tool probe will measure and test the corresponding metal mold parts again through its own measurement software, and display the corresponding measurement data into a digital report directly in front of the operator, and automatically return the unqualified products for compensate processing and production to ensure a 100% pass rate of machine metal mold parts. The entire metal mold processing process is very standardized, automatic and intelligent.

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