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CNC Machine Tool Setter System

Tool setter for CNC machining centers is an important operation procedure in CNC machining, and length tool setter's accuracy will directly affect the processing precision of spare parts and efficiency. Pioneer CNC machine tool setters are used for fast and automatic tool setting and tool breakage detection. The automatic CNC tool setter can work in harsh conditions in machine tools. Its tool setter probe can improve the accuracy of your workpieces and the productivity of your manufacturing lines, and cnc tool setting can avoid defective products. Pioneer cnc machine setter offers several series of tool setter systems--Radio tool setter system, optical tool setter system, and cable tool setter system. If you are looking for the right CNC tool setter, don't hesitate to contact us.   As a professional CNC tool setting system provider, Pioneer is experienced in providing customized CNC tool setter solutions according to our customers' requirements.

Types of CNC Automatic Tool Setter System

Advantages of CNC Machine Tool Setter System

  • 1
    Measure, correct tool length and diameter offset value quickly and accurately
  • 2
    Reduce the manual operation, reduce labor intensity and the influence of human operation factor to the tool setting precision
  • 3
    The influence of temperature change on machining precision is controlled by measuring tool parameters
  • 4
    Monitor tool wear and tear, reduce rejection rate

FAQs of Tool Setter for CNC Machining Centers

  • What does a tool setter do?

    A :

    You can press a button to let the CNC machine tool setter automatically detect the length of the tool (sometimes even the diameter), and then automatically enter the data into the tool table of the controller. All in all, many machines are now equipped with tool setter for CNC machining. Using the tool setter probe to calibrate can avoid measurement errors and greatly improve the accuracy of CNC machining.

  • Is the tool setter the ultimate tool?

    A :

    Yes, but it really depends on whether your workshop needs to optimize the cycle time (the time the machine is running) or the setup time (the time the machine is idle).

  • Is tool setter an important operation in CNC machining?

    A :

    CNC machine tool setting is the most basic operation in CNC machining. The accuracy of CNC tool setter will affect the machining accuracy of parts. At the same time, the tool setting efficiency also directly affects the processing efficiency. The essence of the tool setter for CNC machining centers is to determine the exact position of the tool tip of different tools in the machining coordinate system.

  • What's the purpose of tool setting?

    A :

    When CNC machine tool setter is used for processing, the accurate length and radius of the tool setter are offset relative to the datum, so as to obtain the accurate position of the tool tip of the tool setter. Therefore, the purpose of tool setter is to determine the exact length and radius of tool, so as to determine the exact position of the tool tip in the workpiece coordinate system during processing.

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