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Production Conditions Before and After Probe Application

Ⅰ. What are touch probes for CNC machines?

Touch probes for CNC machines, by definition, are objects that apply to CNC machines. They are high-end adjuncts to the CNC machines.

Literally, they are measuring accessories. In addition to their measuring functions, they can improve the current performance of numerical control machines by improving work efficiency, reducing labor costs, and realizing automatic production. Thus the unmanned manufacture is achievable.

Ⅱ. The production without touch probes for CNC machines

1. Dimensional errors cannot be found and corrected timely which affects the production efficiency.

2. The accuracy of partial work in the process of CNC machines depends on artificial skills. Because of the backward production technology, the bench workers have an excessive workload. Thus professional workers are necessary which raises the labor cost accordingly.

3. It is a laborious task to use the red and blue flying forms in the mold processing whose accuracy is low and the service life is short.

Ⅲ. The production after using touch probes for CNC machines

1. The molds could be made once on the CNC machines.

2. The CNC machines improve the processing accuracy and reduce the workload, which can ensure the working efficiency.

3. The workload of bench workers has been reduced and the lifespan of molds has been extended.

4. It is convenient to monitor the product quality at any time which benefits the inspection. Therefore it greatly improves the production efficiency and avoids the second clamping for the large workpieces that can be completed in place.

5. The repeated accuracy is 0.001mm. The touch probes for CNC machines are also called the programmer of process design for they change the traditional design of processing and improve the processing accuracy as well as reduce the loss and cost of mold repairing. It also reduces the controllable waste and does the spotting once which changes the rough machining into fine machining.

Obviously, touch probes for CNC machines have a great impact on the production efficiency of CNC machines. It not only can increase the profits of enterprises but also save labor costs. This is the production status of the probe before and after application. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.

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