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  • What's the lead time?

    We usually have inventory, usually about 3 days for delivery, the delivery time for large quantities is relatively longer. 

  • What's CNC machine tool probe products?

    CNC machine tool probe products include: workpiece probe used to measure the workpiece parameters on the machine tool, and tool setter to measure the tool (tool probe). The most important characteristics of these products is that it makes full use of the CNC machine tool has a precise location records and program control motor function, through a combination of hardware and software of probe products, make the CNC machine tool’s working efficiency and machining accuracy greatly improved. 

  • How to select the correct and applicable products?

    First, Identify the problems you want to solve,Second, According to your equipment type and the way you want to solve the problem (auto or manual), you can find out which products you should to look in.

  • Do you have corresponding software for different machine tool controls?

    Yes, we have developed different software for different CNC controls.

  • Is there a technical team to support and can provide installation training services?

    Yes, we have a technical team and after-sale to support you. 

  • What's your products warranty policy?

    We provide 13 months warranty, lifetime maintenance.

  • What method is generally used for transportation?

    We generally use DHL express to transport goods,we can also choose other transportation method according to customer requirements.

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