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The Effect of Machine Tool Probes on CNC Machine Tools

Ⅰ. What is machine tool probe?

The machine tool probe is an innovative machine tool measuring equipment that can be installed on CNC machine tools and most CNC machine tools. It allows the CNC machine tool to automatically measure the size and position of the tool or workpiece without human intervention in the machining cycle, and automatically correct the offset of the workpiece or tool according to the measurement results.

Ⅱ. Why do CNC machine tools need to install machine tool probes?

1. The machine tool probe replaces manual centering, edge finding, and measurement, automatic correction of the coordinate system, and automatic tool compensation.

2. The machine tool probe directly measures the curved surface of large and complex parts on the machine tool.

3. The machine tool probe can improve the processing ability and accuracy of the existing machine tool. The online correction of large single-piece products can be completed at one time, and there is no need to rework and repair twice.

4. The machine tool probes are divided into batches and completed at one time, and the first piece of machine adjustment, proofing, and determination of the production plan are convenient and quick.

5. The machine tool probe can automatically recognize the machine tool accuracy error and automatically compensate the machine tool accuracy.

6. The machine tool probe can reduce the auxiliary time of the machine tool and reduce the manufacturing cost.

7. The machine tool probe improves production efficiency and manufacturing quality to ensure product qualification rate.

There is no doubt that the machine tool probe is an important means for CNC machine tools to ensure production quality and improve productivity, which plays a very important role in machining. Under the current situation where machine tool probes are not yet popular, there will obviously be broader development prospects.

As the first manufacturer in the field of CNC machine tool probes in China, Pioneer always insists on independent research and development, and strives to reach the world's advanced level. In recent years, we have developed two new probe systems, those are radio detection system and optical detection system with the main technical indicators reaching the international advanced level. If needed, please consult.

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