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How is the Touch Probe Used?

When it comes to metal and workpiece processing, it is a very long process with a long history. For a long time, China's CNC machining has lagged behind developed countries. With China's rapid development in the past few decades, CNC machining has been With the rapid development, the processing level of developed countries does not seem to be so great. It is commendable that the rapid development of CNC machining is inseparable from the innovation and persistence of the Chinese people.

With the continuous development of CNC machining technology, customers' requirements for the accuracy of processed products are getting higher and higher. At first, labor was used to ensure the machining accuracy, but when the labor couldn't meet the accuracy needs, the probe emerged. Moreover, compared with the cost of large Technician training for the price, and probe purchase is a wiser investment.

1. Why should you buy a touch probe?

First of all, there is a lot of error in manual measurement. Masters who have worked for many years will also have measurement errors. If you want to go further, the investment of human, material and financial resources is not a little bit.

Secondly, manual measurement has the disadvantage of weakness, but the machine tool probe perfectly solves all the problems.

Probes have been popular in China for decades. In the course of years of development, in addition to differences in the strategic directions of various probe companies, the market is the best judge of their products, and only the fittest can survive.

The function of the probe is not only used for finding coordinates, but also for online measurement of large and important workpiece products to ensure product processing accuracy and improve production efficiency.

Ⅱ. What is the function of the touch probe?

1. It can automatically identify the machine tool accuracy error and automatically compensate the machine tool accuracy;

2. Instead of manual work, automatic centering, edge finding, machine tool measurement, automatic coordinate system correction, automatic tool compensation;

3. Directly measure the surface of large and complex parts on the machine tool;

4. It can improve the processing capacity and accuracy of the existing machine tools, and the online correction of large single-piece products can be completed once, and there is no need for secondary clamping and rework;

5. Compare the measurement results and issue a report;

6. Improve production efficiency and improve manufacturing quality to ensure product qualification rate;

7. Reduce the manufacturing cost and appearance processing process of making parts benchmark;

8. The batch is completed in one batch, and it is convenient and quick to adjust the first piece, proofing, and determine the production plan;

9. Reduce the auxiliary time of the machine tool and reduce the manufacturing cost.

As the No. 1 manufacturer of tool setting cnc machine in China, our company always adheres to independent research and development and strives to reach the world's advanced level. In recent years, we have developed two new probe systems: radio detection system and optical detection system, the main technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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