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Why Should CNC Machine Tools Install Touch Probes?

Touch probes for CNC machines are becoming increasingly common in CNC machine tools. So why install machine touch probes in CNC machine tools?

1. What are touch probes for CNC machines?

A machine touch probe is a measuring device configured on a CNC machine tool. Machine touch probes can be divided into two types based on their function: workpiece detection probes and tool detection probes. They can also be classified into four types based on their signal transmission method: hard-wired probe, inductive probe, optical transmission probe, and radio probe.

Machine touch probes are generally installed on CNC lathes, machining centers, CNC grinding machines, and other CNC machine tools. They can directly measure the size and position of the tool or workpiece during the processing cycle without human intervention. Based on the measurement results, the probe can automatically correct the offset of the workpiece or tool, enabling the same machine to produce parts with higher precision. Because of its ability to improve processing quality and low cost, machine touch probes are highly favored by enterprises.

2. The role of touch probes for CNC machines

The main role of machine touch probes is to help measure and correct the machine tool during processing. Its functions include:

(1) Automatically identify the accuracy error of the machine tool and automatically compensate for it.

(2) Replace manual operations with automatic centering, edge finding, measurement, and automatic coordinate system correction and tool compensation based on the measurement data.

(3) Directly measure the surface of the machined workpiece.

(4) Automatically compare measurement results and generate reports.

It can be seen from the above that machine touch probes are auxiliary measuring equipment in machine tool processing. Because they are installed on the machine tool, measurement and calibration can be performed during processing, reducing the clamping process and improving the efficiency and quality of machine tool processing to a certain extent.

3. The importance of touch probes for CNC machines

As mentioned above, machine touch probes are directly installed on the machine tool and can automatically measure, record, and calibrate. Therefore, they have a positive effect on reducing processing steps, reducing labor costs, and improving the accuracy and efficiency of machine tool processing.

Machine touch probes are an effective means of improving the accuracy and efficiency of machine tool processing and can help ordinary machine tools achieve qualitative leaps in processing at low cost.

4. How to choose machine touch probes

After reading all of this, some readers may be asking how to choose the most suitable probe for their machine tool.

1. Choose probes based on the processing requirements

Enterprises can flexibly choose probes based on their processing needs. For example, if measuring and calibration of the workpiece is required during processing, a workpiece detection probe can be chosen; for tool detection, a tool detection probe should be chosen. In addition, machine touch probes can also be selected based on the complexity of the processing. For example, a 3D machine touch probe can be used for processing complex parts, while a 2D machine touch probe can be used for processing simpler parts.

2. Choose the appropriate measuring probe

The measuring probe is an important component of the machine touch probe measuring system and directly affects the measurement results. Therefore, when selecting a probe, the measuring probe can be used as a reference.

In general, when selecting a measuring probe, it is important to consider rigidity, accuracy, and the processing environment. When the workpiece hardness is high, a measuring probe with good rigidity should be selected, such as a stainless steel measuring probe or a tungsten carbide measuring probe. When the processing accuracy requirements are high, the measuring accuracy of the probe should also be increased. Generally speaking, the shorter the measuring rod, or the larger the diameter of the measuring ball, or the fewer the number of components in the measuring probe, the higher the measuring accuracy of the machine touch probe. In addition, if there is a lot of vibration during processing, a measuring probe with strong anti-vibration performance should be selected.

Machine touch probes are important auxiliary devices in machine tool processing. The installation of machine touch probes in CNC machine tools can improve processing accuracy and efficiency at low cost. For enterprises that want to improve machine tool processing performance, installing machine touch probes is a simple and convenient method.

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